Rest in Beats

Electronic. Experimental. And beautiful. Long-expected new EP from the Copenhagen-based duo Rest in Beats.

You might already know Rest in Beats from our article about their unforgettable 2016 single “Fugle kan dø”, which fantastically combined electronica, pop, hiphop, experimental music in just over 3 minutes.

At that time, we expected the Copenhagen-based will offer us their new EP before the end of that year but… hey, good music is always worth the wait, even if that’s almost two more years, right?

This is more than true about “Synge Igen”, Rest in Beats’ long-expected comeback effort, which finally came out back in May. And apart from “Fugle kan dø”, it includes five more exceptional songs.

Listening to Rest in Beats’ has always been among the most intense experiences you can have in these regions of modern music even for their ever-evolving, unpredictable, yet somehow pleasurable production. But then you also have lyrics in Danish, and like other Scandinavian languages it adds a completely new layer to the adventure.

So while “Synge Igen” might be just an EP, it’s possible it will overwhelm you with all the ideas, sounds, rhythm and mood changes it’s packed with. It might be better to relax and just let it flow through your ears and mind, rather than try to keep up with Rezwan Farmi and Sebastian Rønde Thielke’s amazing stream of consciousness.

If combination of “beautiful” and “challenging” is what you’re looking for in music most, this band might be your Holy Grail.

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