Lo-fi jazz-hop with brass instruments and microtonal trumpet solos from Iranian (not quite) newcomer Rian.

“Pak’kon” (پاک‌کن), meaning eraser, is Arian Shariat’s debut EP. Better known by his solo project’s name, Rian is the singer of indie pop band Jetpack, which published their debut album, “Kafi Nist”, in 2022 and was mentioned in beehype’s best albums of the year. Rian is also the singer and guitar player of another band called Jillizwiliiz.

Unlike Jetpack songs, which are more electropop with funk touches, in “Pak’kon” Rian presents lo-fi jazz-hop with the noticeable presence of brass instruments and microtonal trumpet solos. Even his singing style is more jazzy on this EP.

This album was published by Made In Iran, a young independent label based in Tehran, focused on contemporary indie music of Iran.

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