Shadaab Kadri’s career graph has been an interesting one. From touring with hardcore band Scribe as a crew member, to being an integral part of the formation of prog rockers Pangea and even spending a considerable time making videos for Mumbai nightlife pillar, Blue Frog – he’s been around.

With Riatsu, Kadri expresses his love for ambient soundscapes, through his inclination for synths. The 20-something has taken the music live too, with the interesting Listening Room Sessions and hopes to constantly evolve his performance – being given the freedom to experiment, without an added pressure to please a crowd.

In his record “Reminiscence“, Kadri creates soundscapes best suited to throw you into different moods at different points of time in the day – with a delicate selection of sampling. While making music can be, and probably is entirely personal, not once does the record feel reclusive.

Perhaps my fondest memory of the record will always be the ones of my first few listens of it – a doob in hand, sitting in a room enveloped in the winter sun and wafting thoughts. With Riatsu, one gets a feeling, Kadri is voicing his thoughts clearer than his words ever could, and he’s aware of it.

You can stream the whole album here. And don’t miss out the artwork for each track, handpicked and worked upon with great care.


Riatsu on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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