Ricardo Pita

Ever the positive minstrel, Ricardo Pita has been on tour around Latin America for the past few years, since the release of debut LP “Las Aventuras de Ayer, Hoy y Siempre”.

The first single from his sophomore LP, “Amuleto”, is called “El Ciclo” and it is also featured on the teaser for highly anticipated film “Sin Muertos No Hay Carnaval”, renowned Ecuadorian director Sebastian Cordero’s latest project. With an afro inspired beat, the Guayaquilean singer explores life and death in a thumping, prophetic folk song.

About two thirds into the track, there’s a break for prose, with a poem by Daniel Salinas, an exploration on the same topics as the song reaches a cathartic climax before releasing us by a final repetition of its catchy hook.

In the second single from his album, “Viento Eterno“, Ricardo assures us there are no good things in life, but rather life itself is good.

“Amuleto” is slowly being released in its physical form nationally through a series of concerts, but you can listen to it on Spotify right now.


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