Riccardo Sinigallia

Strong and emotional new album “Ciao Cuore” from acclaimed Italian singer-songwriter Riccardo Sinigallia.

Riccardo Sinigallia is from Rome. He writes, produces and plays music for himself and for… other musicians since the 90s. He started his solo career in 2003, but he never stopped working for other musicians/bands too, as he doesn’t like the idea of a songwriter who focuses just on his music. That’s one of the reasons why he released just four albums in 15 years.

This new album, titled “Ciao Cuore” (Hello heart) is his most direct and impactful ever. Melodies don’t intentionally feature a high grade of refinement, and the sound is full of details and dynamics but overall slim, and the vocals are as significant and colorful as ever. Lyrics are particularly uncompromising, and are about personal situations and issues on life and society that no-one likes but sooner or later often show up. The merge of these elements work perfectly these nine songs are all strong and emotional.

The title track is in the middle of the tracklist, and it’s the right place for it, as it’s the clear centerpiece of the whole work, as it’s a gathering of the different musical and lyrical aspects that show up during the course of the album.

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Photo: Fabio Lovino

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