A reflective comeback to early 1990s, full of guitars and pedals.

We first introduced Riel two years ago, when they released “Paseo Psicodélico”. That EP offered a more pop side to the ferocious tracks we were used to, a path they’d develop even more with their following LP “Espacio interior”. A polished sound, with clear voices and dreamy melodies seems to be the new normal for this Argentinean duo composed by Mora Riel (guitar and voice) and Germán Loretti (drums).

As they approach their first decade as a band, Riel sounds reflective in their latest single “1990”. As the title suggests, this is a song about the opening year of the 90s, a decade which gave us the best shoegaze albums, but on the other hand it was a tough one for Argentinian youth as our country was running to a deep crisis propelled by the neoliberal politics of the time.

In that context, guys who grew up in the 90s frequently faced the lack of a prosperous future and many emigrated – almost a million people left the country in the wake of the new millennium. “1990” is a reflection of the effects that now a generation faces, staking for an optimism full of guitars and pedals.


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