Argentinean version of Sonic Youth? Riel sound fiercely and noisy, yet welcoming and happy.

Riel is a duo founded in 2011 by Mora Riel (voice and guitar) and Germán Loretti (drums) in Buenos Aires. The urban myth around their concerts says they’re the Argentinean version of Sonic Youth, yet they’re actually only two people. Steve Shelley (former SY drummer) once attended a Riel concert in Buenos Aires, and even invited them to play with his new project while on tour in Argentina.

“Géminis” is one of the songs included in their latest release, “Paseo Psicodélico” EP, published by Argentinean label Casa del Puente and Mexican label Buen Dia Records. The name of the song is the Spanish word for Zodiacal sign “Gemini”, and the lyrics are about two versions of the same person.

As a whole, “Paseo Psicodélico” EP was described as “the sweet resolution to the tension” of their previous singles. As we are used to in every Riel song, the female voice sounds very pleasant for the thundering music, but there’s a new optimistic feeling in this new EP.

They sound fiercely yet welcoming, noisy and happy.

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Photo: Dana Ogar

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