Rolin Humes

Rolin Humes is definitely one of the most intriguing bands in Croatia right now.

The four-piece group has existed for several years now and they have released two albums to date, “Rolin Humes welcomes you to the Penultimate Supper 6/8” in 2013, and “Rolin Humes presents Rolin Blues” last year.

On both albums, they showed new ways of thinking about modern pop music, heavily influenced by blues and rock. The frontman, Robert, is a very positive guy who adds energy to the band at their live concerts. When we combine all this stuff, it is easy to feel Rolin Humes can easily go big, if just some foreign manager discovers them.

“Irene”, the closing track off their second album, is also their latest video and one of the best things they have written. It’s almost 11-minutes long (not their longest song, though). Very powerful and progressive, but also suggestive and emotional.


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