om la lună

From my perspective, om la lună is the most intriguing music project from the new wave of Romanian rock bands.

The Bucharest-based band has less than 4 years since they’ve teamed up and have already released three albums. A mixture of indie rock, post rock and electro sounds, but mainly the power of their lyrics turned them into a phenomenon in terms of fans, groupies and sold-out concerts. I would categorize them as a bunch of new romantics who have reached maturity expressing themselves through music as a therapy method.

“ECHILIBRU” is their third album, released in July 2022 and promoted all around Romania with sold-out concerts. It is NOT an album about equilibrium as you might think, but one about perpetuum search for it from one meaningful failure to another. It is an album for the ones that are in the storms of their middle years and for the ones about to enter it.

Doru Pușcașu, lead vocal, is the one responsible for exposing (his) vulnerabilities via lyrics and does it in a unique way, mixing words in an unusual way to capture metaphors that best suit the song’s message. They have already released four singles with videos, but the public is expecting more and the album has the material for new releases. Keep an eye on them! (CriticEyez)

Stream “ECHILIBRU” LP on Bandcamp.

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