Temple Invisible

Temple Invisible is one of those rare Romanian bands that constantly puts out great songs.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to all you readers out there. The band has been spotlighted three times on beehype, and I’m willing to bet this won’t be the last time you’re going to hear about them. It’s well-deserved, to be honest, and the fact that they still manage to come up with new and exciting sounds is a testament to how talented they really are.

“Burn The Waters” is a fantastic song about I-don’t-know-what. But the message really doesn’t matter here. And this comes from someone who usually likes to dig around for deeper meanings even when there aren’t any. We all do this, let’s be honest.

Fortunetly, this new track by Temple Inivisible is the definition of letting go of all the desire to look for something more. You just enjoy it the way it is. It activates our primal appreciation for something that’s just really good. The same can be said about their new EP. It is called “Void”, and you can listen to it here.

Stream “Void” EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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