Roméo Elvis

While “Chocolat” may have a very funny video, with several references to Willy Wonka and Charlie and the chocolate factory, the lyrics of the song are much less pleasant.

On the title track of his first solo album, that got released in the spring of 2019, Roméo Elvis urges people not to smoke drugs or take drugs in any other way.

The word chocolat is used as slang for soft drugs in French. Turning only 27 years old at the end of 2019, Roméo Elvis has a past that was disturbed by drug problems as from his late teen years. Having left this troublesome period behind, the artist now tries to pass the message to the youngsters that drugs are no fun at all, even though at the beginning it may seem so.

“Faut pas commencer le chocolat”, or “don’t start soft drugs”. And if you try it anyway, don’t do it when you’re alone.

“Chocolat” is a laidback hip hop song with a funky beat. The chorus gets stuck in your ears and proves to be as addictive as the drugs he’s rapping about. What makes it even more impressive is that Roméo Elvis has released 3 albums in 4 years (2 with Le Motel) and that they’re all very good. Then we don’t even mention the EPs he’s released…

That’s not bad at all for someone who fought back from such unenviable circumstances. Belgium and France are already at his feet. Judging from the way Roméo Elvis continues to make good records, this may be just the beginning.


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