Once in a while, you come across an artist who has found a way to rediscover musical tradition and make it sound modern but keep all of its essence intact.

Rosalía, whose debut album “Los Ángeles” is one of the most spectacular releases of 2017 not only in Spain, is deeply rooted in all the alegrías, tarantas, malagueñas, fandangos and tangos, but her emotional interpretations take those styles from distant past to the very present.

On “Los Ángeles”, she is accompanied by an equally imaginative guitarist and producer Raül Refree. Together, they seem like one ocean wave taking the swimmer up and down again and again. Making you confused, but trusting they’ll never let you drown but rather take you back to the shore, eventually.

Once in a while during this passionate trip though, they might also make you cry.


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