The best mix of R&B, electronic music and hip-hop Poland can offer these days comes from talented (not quite) newcomer Rosalie..

In February this year, Rosalie Hoffman received a brand new but already prestigious award called Sanki. It aims at promoting talented newcomers to the Polish scene, and is awarded by a sizable jury of local critics and industry players.

The reason the award went to Rosalie. was her impressive full-length debut album that came out in January. On “Flashback“, she seamlessly combined electronic music with R&B and old school hip-hop, and songs in English with ones in Polish.

All of that led by her incredibly alluring vocals that deserve a separate sentence.

Rosalie. was born in Berlin, but she grew up in Poznań in the western Poland. She’s been collecting experience for several years now, so while her debut wasn’t unexpected, the quality of “Flashback” seemed to surprise both critics and our local audience.

It also called out two questions. One about Rosalie’s future and her chances in the international music scene. She seems more than ready for that, and actually she’s playing in Budapest in June. A bolder question concerns the whole R&B scene in Poland, whether it might be up to something bigger and Rosalie is a just forerunner.

Honestly, we don’t really care about this yet as we’re still too busy enjoying “Flashback” itself. But the title of the first song included in this article, “Królowa”, means “Queen”, and we hope there might be some kind of prophecy in it.

Stream “Flashback” LP on Spotify.


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