How about getting to know a new kid on the block? If you’re in for it, please meet Roza, a 19 year old singer from Brussels, who released her very first single in June.

‘Coule amour’ is a refreshing summer breeze that whispers softly in your ears and makes the leaves of the plants on your table dance very gently. Or like the artist herself describes it in a very expressive way: “Roza produces subtle sonic waves, chemical reactions, and soft shivers which envelope, move, transport, revolt and induce care”.

Admiration with our mouths, ears and eyes wide open, that’s mainly what we feel for a young singer-songwriter who manages to release such a breathtaking debut single during such a special period and do a big part of the work on her own. The video, expressing the internal fight, rage, questions and uncertainties about being deceived by someone and trying to forgive that person, was made by Roza herself. It took her 1500 pictures and an entire week to finish it, but the result is more than worth seeing.

Unsurprisingly, given that this is her first recorded outing and her young age, we had never heard of Roza before this release. You could say that this girl from Brussels is killing us softly with her song. However, let us stay alive and hope that in the future we will often be touched by the music of this up-and-coming artist.


Roza on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify.

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