Ruba Shamshoum

One of the most talented young singer-songwriters from the Middle East, this year Ruba Shamshoum finally released her long-awaited debut album, “Shamat”.

The first time we introduced this fascinating musician more than two years ago, Ruba Shamshoum (ربى شمشوم) had just relased her first video ever.

We really hoped to hear her first full-length soon, as her mix of Arabic and international influences resulted in this unique kind of inspired songwriting that is beautiful on the first listen, but opens new layers with each consecutive session.

It took a bit longer than expected, but following a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year – Ruba finally brought us her debut record titled “Shamat” (شامات) a couple of months ago. And we’ve been enjoying it ever since its release, from the first to the last track.

The Palestinian artist (currently living in Ireland) has written both music and words for this album. But she was accompanied in the studio by an excellent group of musicians – Orlando Molina (guitars), Barry Rycraft (double bass), Matthew Jacobson (drums), Aleka Potinga (cello), Matthew Berrill (clarinet) and Jay Wilson (piano). Together, they sound elegant and joyful alternately, and sometimes simultaneously.

“Shamat” combines not only music inspirations, but also languages – with lyrics in Arabic and English – which might completely change the reception of her music. Ruba signaled that with two singles off this album. The first one was charming ballad “In the Depth” sung in Arabic (above), which was followed a few weeks later with the global “Carousel of Love” (below).

Over 9 tracks included on “Shamat”, Ruba Shamshoum offers us some of the most beautiful melodies you’ll hear this year, performed in a natural, delicate and positive-minded way. Yes, we do hope to hear even more from her soon.

Stream “Shamat” LP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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