On “La pérdida” Rubio offers a sneak peek into her upcoming album.

Here on beehype we last encountered Fran Straube in the course of completing her five-part series of EPs, each corresponding to one letter in the project’s name. Since then, she has brought all of them together, releasing “Pez,” her first full-length album as Rubio, in 2018.

Two years later Straube is back to the EP format with “La pérdida,” a collection of five new songs, out of twelve that are expected to be featured on her sophomore album.

In her own words, the new material is less introspective and more concerned with the state of humanity and society. The final track of the EP is most illustrative of this, tackling the subject of the omnipresence of information technologies and their contribution to facilitating disconnection between people.

Musically, the EP interweaves atmospheric, downtempo songs, like “Oro” and “Nudo,” with more dynamic and bouncy ones, like “Volver” and “Tormenta del SXXI.” Straube skillfully mixes beats and digital textures with acoustic instruments, like strings or piano, creating a sound suspended between hardline electronic and indie-pop.

Whether it’s with a band or solo, Straube keeps on producing sincere and engaging music. “La pérdida” has already gained some international recognition in mainstream media and let’s hope that her upcoming releases, including the next EP, “La Existencia,” and the pending album called “Mango negro,” will bring her even more acclaim.

Listen to “La pérdida” on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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