Run it's the Kid

Shantanu Pandit often faces some sort of comparison to Prateek Kuhad amidst the music community, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t.

However, if you listen closely, Pandit and his band, Run! It’s the Kid, come from a similar aesthetic (not surprising their label, management are the same guy) but interpret their influences slightly differently.

In the first single off their eponymous debut record, produced by veteran Miti Adhikari, you can hear wise usage of the percussive sections, easy going riffs and late night hum-worthy tunes.

The song eases out over its four minutes, almost like an uphill Sunday hike until the moment you decide to pause and admire the beauty from on top of the hill.

Watching them play at the Ziro Festival of Music last year was a great addition to my aural senses, making me move slowly, wishing a loved one stood by my side as the song faded out.

Their record drops on February 29, and you shouldn’t miss it.


Photo credit: Mohit Kapil

Run It’s the Kid on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook.

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