Kate NV

A thrilling album of experimental pop from Yekaterina Silonosova.

The Moscow-based artists exhibits a truly tireless spirit. In addition to pursuing a solo career, she also fronts the excellent post-punk band ГШ (Glintshake) and participates in the Moscow Scratch Orchestra, an ensemble modelled after a similar group co-founded by the experimental English composer, Cornelius Cardew.

“Room for the Moon,” her third studio album recorded under the moniker Kate NV, can be placed somewhere between those aforementioned poles, combining adventurous composition with popular music.

Chopped up guitar licks, sparse bass and contrapuntal saxophones melodies are juxtaposed here with minimalistic rhythms of marimba and soft, ethereal synths, giving the music smooth but quirky feel.

The songs are atmospheric and joyfully eclectic, effortlessly mixing together different styles to form a coherent but sonically colorful whole.

In particular, the album’s aesthetics hint at inspirations from Soviet and Japanese popular culture of the 1980s, featuring lyrics in English, Russian, French, and Japanese. Add these traits together and you get a quintessential beehype’s darling.

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