Mars Needs Lovers

“This song was written last year for our second album, and it’s about the state of California. It’s my favourite place in the world,” says Ivan Starzev, one of the four members of the Perm-based group Mars Needs Lovers (Марсу Нужны Любовники).

The band started in 2008 as a duo, to later become a full indie pop/rock quartet. They released their debut album, “Цветное Все” in 2014. We didn’t need to wait long for the follow-up, as MNL’s second full-length effort has just came out.

While you can stream the whole record – called “Ткань”, or “Textile” – on on Soundcloud, here’s the great closing track “Калиформисс”, or “Califormiss”.

Mars Needs Lovers on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte.

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