Sergey Sirotkin is a young musician from Moscow. He has already taken part in numbers of indie projects, and now works as a solo singer-songwriter.

His first noticeable release was “Break My Senses” — a record made for the Gosha Rubchiskiy show on the Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Last spring, Sirotkin released his debut mini-album, “Challenger”, which you can stream on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

With his modern electronic sound, compelling voice and completely Western manner of singing, as well as good lyrics, Sirotkin looks like the next level of all that is happening on the Russian independent scene now. Most of his lyrics are in Russian, but not long ago he released an English song called “Imaginary Pilot.”

“It’s a song about a man who is confused and tired of what is happening, so he is trying to soar over his life and find peace in some fictional reality. Such behavior of course leads to disaster,” Sirotkin said. “I tried to convey this in the structure and in the change of tempo and sound. Flight and the role of the pilot are simply metaphor for this idea.”

“Besides, I was under impression of the movies taken during emergencies in flight where the crew members endlessly repeat passengers one sentence: ‘Brace, brace, grab your ankle’. I was very scared of that.”


Sirotkin on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, VK.

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