The Good Ones

One of those albums that have to be recorded.

The Good Ones is a duo of Adrien Kazigira and Janvier Havugimana, who survived the 1994 genocide and when not working on their farms, they play guitars and self-made percussion instruments, and sing about what they remember, what they want to forget, and what we should focus on to make our life better and our world a better place.

“Rwanda .​.​. you see ghosts, I see sky” is their fourth album already, and like the previous ones it was recorded all live, in the company of the acclaimed producer Ian Brennan and his wife Marilena Umuhoza Delli, on Adrien’s farm – where he was born, where he was hiding during the genocide, and where he keeps his land and his talent alive.

Stream “Rwanda .​.​. you see ghosts, I see sky” on Bandcamp.

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