Lebanese duo Mayssa Jallad and Ellie AbdelNour, also known as Safar, have released the video for their first single taken off their second EP, “Carry On”, titled “Seasons”.

It’s an ode to Jallad’s father on a personal level, and a dedication “To all those loved and lost” according to the duo’s Soundcloud page.

The song is a layered mellow ballad – perfectly suited for its subject matter – where Jallad’s stellar vocals float over subtle unpretentious guitar lines, complemented by innocent xylophone notes for nostalgic perfection.

The video shot earlier this year in New York – where Jallad currently resides – is a simple metaphoric manipulation of time perception where the duo walk the snowy streets of New York, sometimes forward other times backwards, and so does their surroundings.

With their second EP and a string of successful singles, Safar proved they’re here to stay. We certainly hope Jallad’s Masters of Architecture doesn’t take her away from music anytime soon.


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