If there’s a band that truly believes in quality rather than quantity, that must be Thailand’s alternative trio Safeplanet.

From the very start, the Bangkok-based group has been famous for how careful they are releasing new material, sometimes taking months between consecutive singles. But Safeplanet are also famous for the quality of their songs, which secured them safe spots in our Best of 2015 and Best of 2016.

This year, the trio has also been cautious not to overexpose themselves, with just two songs released in 2017. In the middle of the summer, they come back after one of those long breaks with a new energy, as demonstrated in the video of “Again” (ตัดสินใจ), a very Safeplanet-y track that combined catchy themes with the characteristic sounds of their multi-layered guitars.

Now as the year is coming to its end, they gave us quite a different single, “Din Dan” (ดินแดน). A slow-burning ballad in the verses, it comes to to a powerdul climax in the chorus, also thanks to the guest appearance of Sarit Andrew Tanpensuk a.k.a. T-Bone (สฤษฎ) on trumpet.

Enjoy it below, accompanied with a minimal animated video, and see you again in our selection of the best music of 2017?


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