In February next year, Colombian duo Ságan will release their long-awaited second album. The new single “Cada Paso” is a great taste of what’s to come.

One of the most inspiring and innovative Colombian projects of the recent years, Ságan is an experimental-electronic duo of by María Gutiérrez and Felipe Ortega.

In August – two years after their debut album “Cada Célula” (Every Cell) – they released the first single off their upcoming second effort, a 4-minute track called “Todo“. Today, they premiered “Cada Paso”, the second single of this second album, which is due to come out in February 2018.

“For this particular track, I wanted to use as few elements or instruments as possible to create a minimalistic ambience,” says Felipe Ortega. “The lyrics talk about a process of change in a person’s internal life. Fragile. Frozen. Darkness. And finally Change.”

“We are in the process of reinventing our live show, and also in the stage of postproduction of our second album,” says Felipe.

Ságan have just come back from MaMA festival in France and BIME in Bilbao, and are getting ready to tour Colombia with their new material. Be there if you can!


Photo: Nicolas Cañon Luna

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