After a long wait, the duo Sahara from Bordeaux finally self-released their first LP “Colibris”.

Their new video clip for the single “Felicidade” is exactly the kind of visuals you would expect to illustrate their colourful music.

As universal as might suggest this blend of oriental and hippie imagery, the single lets us travel all over the world and through multiple influences, from America’s psych-pop to Japanese naive jazz rock and Brazilian Bossa Nova, to the point of incorporating some Portuguese lyrics.

Its nostalgic and nonchalant feelings immediately recall dreamy and fresh-sounding bands like Deerhoof. Blandine Millepied’s voice adopts a similar type of purified tone to Satomi Matsuzaki’s one. The entire album “Colibris” promises a lot of hours of immersive listening.

Stream “Colibris” LP on Bandcamp , Soundcloud and Spotify.


Photo: : Florian Duboé

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