Saho Terao

In addition to her original songs, Tokyo based singer-songwriter Saho Terao (寺尾紗穂) has been singing modern versions of Japanese children’s songs or nursery songs from various places she once visited.

This year she released a compilation of those songs, and named it “Watashi no Sukina Warabeuta” (わたしの好きなわらべうた), which means “My Favorite Nursery Songs”.

The first single, “Nanakusa Natsuna”, is a prayer song for harvest and our health. Bassist Wataru Iga thought of Afrobeat-like bass arrangement, and drummer Reisaburo Adachi added characteristic synthesizer beats.

With Saho’s healing voice, it sounds a bit like Björk’s tribal masterpieces.

“Children’s songs have been changing because someone would modify the melody or lyrics in each era. These songs have no rules,” Saho said in a Mikiki interview.

With that in mind, she arranged them freely, according to the atmosphere of the current times. It might be the natural way of succession for these songs.

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