If you’re looking for something new in the dreamier regions of indie pop/rock, pay attention to a young Mexican singer-songwriter nicknamed Sailawway.

We first heard about Fernanda Fuentes last year, when she released her debut EP titled “Fragments“. While it was full of dreamy, somehow blurred keyboards, synthesizers and guitars, one thing was more clear – Fuentes’ melodies.

Now one of Monterrey scene’s new talents is back with a single called “Yearning”, another taste of this mixture, but also a perfect example of a song that starts so inconspicuous that you might even ignore it initially, but then grows and grows with every bar.

According to Fuentes, this song is “about infatuation, about wanting to be with someone you’ve just met, daydreaming and containing your emotions, knowing that you’re probably jumping ahead”. In the colourful video “Yearning”, you should be also able to recognize this fleeting feeling.


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