“Cluster Bomb” is Sakaris’ best track to date, accompanied by an equally brilliant video – and a dose of nostalgia.

Once upon a time. Well, not that long a go actually. Sakaris made an excellent choice. He packed his bags, booked a flight to Iceland and waved goodbye to the Faroe Islands. In retrospect. A wise choice and a catalyst for a new musical era.

In Iceland Sakaris joined forces with fellow countryman Janus Rasmussen. Better known as one half of the experimental techno project Kiasmos. The other half being Ólafur Arnalds. And when you plant a seed of Sakaris’ calibre in that kind of environment, give it some time. And you’re destined for a musical treat.

And that’s exactly what “Cluster Bomb” is. A musical treat. The track happens to be Sakaris’ best track to date. Accompanied by an equally brilliant video. Sakaris manages to demonstrate the evolution of Sakaris with absolute class.

“Cluster Bomb” brings you contagious warmth through an otherwise cold screen. It’s nostalgia in it’s purest form. And more importantly: It’s 100% authentic!


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