Some of you may know Annika Norlin as ’Hello Saferide’ but when she does music in Swedish she calls herself Säkert! (For sure). The debut album with Säkert was released back in 2007 and since then she’s been a huge impact on the swedish music scene. Her way to write lyrics together with a tremendous palette of colours and sounds is incomparable.

On this album, called Däggdjur (Mammal) one thing is different from before because beside Annika’s voice you´ll find 11 other voices. At first it was kind of strange that an solo-album includes so many different people but after a while you’ll notice that it adds depth to the songs. The voices belongs to friends like Jacob Hellman, Lovisa Näsström and Emil Svanängen (also known as Loney Dear) and they’re all fit for purpose.

It doesn’t really matter who’s in front of the microphone though, every part in every song is Annika Norlin and her spirit flows like spring water through every inch of this masterpiece. Her way to write lyrics about the society, about relationships and life itself with a female perspective is irresistible. It’s not very often that you feel that you’re making a progress as a social creature thanks to just music.

Even though the lyrics is in focus when we talk about Säkert! we can’t neglect the production behind it. In songs like Grottorna (The Caves) the soundscape even makes you wanna dance while lying in bed and crying to the lyrics.

I do feel that Annika Norlins music makes my life richer and that’s like the most precious thing a musician can do today. This is by far the most played album in my home this year and I will carry this one through forever. (Fabian Forslund)


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