Salt Cathedral

Mixing their broad inspirations into airy pop, Salt Cathedral guide us through the ups and downs of the 21st century life.

The duo of Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada, stemming from Colombia but now based in New York, have been around for a decade now but on their new album “Before It’s Gone” – their second full-length yet – they sound as fresh as ever, as if they finally found the perfect mix of everything they’ve been trying over those years – and their inspirations have always been broad.

That mix makes organic and electronic sounds seem like one, and Juliana’s often layered, but always subtle vocals guide us through Salt Cathedral’s bright and dark stories, upbeat dance songs with slightly ethnic rhythms and contemplative moments.

“It is somewhat of a conceptual record about time and our existence in a modern world – fears of climate change, friendship, social media, trust & complacency,” says the band. “It’s an attempt to record this feeling in the now – of growing and finding ourselves in a hyperconnected world, that is both beautiful and in danger.”

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