If shoegaze was invented by a band too dedicated to traditional songwriting and simple fun to give up clear melodies and catchy rhythms (respectively), it might sound quite like Chilean quartet Salvadores.

Their name might seem bold – Salvadores means Saviours – but on their debut album “V” they do sound adventurous and unafraid of writing songs, which could be considered too catchy or too alternative, too light-hearted or too harsh. And that’s what makes this record, released late June, as captivating as it is.

While you can stream “V” on Bandcamp and YouTube in its all colourful 42 minutes, you could start with Salvadores’ latest video called “El Viaje del Héroe (Rapa Nui)”. There’s a charm in its do-it-yourself quality video, apparently documenting their trip to the famous island and some club shows.

“The previous video was more expensive,” the group admits, speaking about their first ever clip “Fantasmas Fuera!“, “but this one was done with VHS snippets, which is always cooler”. We won’t deny.


Salvadores on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube.

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