Salyu shared new song written and composed by new, young producers.

Born in Yokohama, singer Salyu first appeared as the fictional singer Lily Chou-Chou in the film “All About Lily Chou-Chou” by Shunji Iwai.

Almost all her albums have been produced by Takeshi Kobayashi, known as the producer of Mr. Children – One of the biggest rock bands in Japan. As an exception, under her other name Salyu×Salyu, she collaborated with Cornelius, and made the album “s(o)un(d)beams”.

This year, she shared her first song in one and half year. This song was written by Nariaki Obukuro, and composed by Yaffle. They also produced songs for top stars such as Hikaru Utada or Kaze Fujii. Like for those other singers, for Salyu they made a J-pop song influenced by the latest indie R&B / electronica.

In the lyrics, Nariaki repeats: “Rain turned to snow. I wanna see you. Why” – “Ame ga Yuki ni Naru. Ima Aitaiyo. Doushite”.

It might be homage for “City Pop” legend Tatsuro Yamashita’s lyrics in his big hit “X’mas eve”, in which where Tatsuro sings: “In midnight, rain turned snow. Surely you won’t come”. But I guess more songs from Salyu or a new album will come.


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