Albeit its size and ever challenging situation, Lebanon has become one of the most impressive music scenes in the world.

One of the country’s many talents, sandmoon have been around for a few years now. Their line-up has been changing, but always with the singer, pianist and ukulele player Sandra Arslanian at the helm of the project.

Based in Lebanon but with a link to Belgium and Armenian roots, Sandra clearly draws inspirations from all around the world, and from a variety of music genres from folk pop to indie rock to acoustic country. That should explain why sandmoon’s music brings such a variety of sensations and associations beyond any easy categories.

Their third release, a five-track EP called “#InTheEnd”, is coming out later this month and “Time Has Yet to Come” is the first single off that upcoming album.

Directed by Cherine Khoury and shot by Muriel Aboulrouss, the blurry video stars the deaf-born Lebanese dancer Pierre Geagea whose movements express the complexity of human relationships.


Photo credit: Sabyl Ghoussoub

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