Fewer musicians practise contemplation and action in oscillation as much as Sanaya Ardeshir.

While the Bombay based producer has been consistent with her musicality, a Sandunes release often offers an exploratory peek to her headspace. On “Spare Some Time“, her new offering, Sandunes employs the services of vocalists from across the country, with contributions from Josh Fernandez aka JBABE and Ramya Pothuri (also behind one of my standout 2019 summer releases) as the highlights.

At first listen the EP feels a bit incomplete, but grows on you with time. Unlike past releases, especially “Downstream“, Sandunes seems more at ease with experimenting with her creations and bringing in more ideas in lieu of constant tweaking, as proof with guest contributions.

The EP provides solace on summer afternoons, or lingering nights in lockdown and feels like a comforting accompaniment in these often confusing times.

Sanaya also has a lovely little podcast which talks to creative practitioners about finding that balance. Check it out.

Stream “Spare Some Time” EP on Spotify.


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