Sangpuy (桑布伊)

Originally a member of the legendary music group Feijuyuenbao Synectics, Sangpuy has shown his great talent through singing, playing the self-made nose flute and jaw harp.

Focusing on collecting and researching the aboriginal culture, they sing songs against the cultural colonialism, capitalism and unfair treatment from the han people.

Powerful and spiritual, Sangpuy’s debut album “Dalan” (路) has won many different awards. Singing his experiences living in the KaTaTipul (卡地布部落) of Taitung, he tries to express his love and cherishment of the beautiful environment and hopes to wake up the general public to face the unfair and brutal land acquisition by the government.

Sangpuy’s new album “Yaangad” (椏幹) continues the appealing journey of what a living music could be. The debut single from this new record, “Sadeku Na Senan” (溫暖的光) – which means “Light” – expresses love of the beautiful moon and stars. Through Sangpuy’s soulful voice, you may regain the long lost feeling of our nature.

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