Santi & Tuğçe

When we first wrote about unique duo Santi & Tuğçe, they were inspired by traditional music from Southeastern Turkey. On their new album, they remind us about the still undiscovered beauty of Paraguay.

Paraguayan producer, composer and arranger Santiago Ferreira (or Santi) and Turkish singer Tuğçe Tuğçe Kurtiş included only five new songs on this new record called “El Regreso del Gallito”. But it’s enough to take us through a multitude of moods, rhythms and instruments.

From elegant Paraguayan polka of the first track to a couple of all but dancefloor moments to a mellow ballad closing this work, listening to the whole effort is an adventure. While the whole album is available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, below is its joyful opener, “Gallito”.

And if you find the cover art as hypnotizing as we do, you can check out more works by the Charlotte-based visual artist Scott Partridge here.


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