Sarah P.

It was quite sad when we heard that Sarah P. would no longer be a member of the much beloved dream pop duo Keep Shelly in Athens, in January 2014. She was a member since the beginning of KSiA in 2010, singing a lot of wonderful and ethereal songs that brought the Greek band touring around North America.

But those days are gone, and both sides have continued with new recordings, focusing in other things. KSiA released a really nice record with another singer in 2015. And Sarah P. released her first solo EP a couple of months ago, named “Free” (makes me wonder if there’s a hint in the title and has something to do with her departure).

The first thing that you realize when listening to these tracks is that Sarah P., although she recalls some of the familiar elements of her previous band, has shifted to the sound of our days. Her tracks are more oriented to modern pop, electro or alt. soul than ‘80s dark pop or indie rock.

Moody, smart and sexy at the same time, he reminded me a bit of artists like Björk, FKA Twigs, Robyn or even Junior Boys and their vintage electro pop.

Her colorful, weirdie video of the EP’s opening track, “Dirty Sunday”, was filmed in Berlin one day after her birthday. You can read the full story behind it on her website, about how difficult it is to be a woman in this crazy industry of music.


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