Incredible future-pop from Romanian filmmaker-turned-musician Sarra Tsorakidis.

One of the new European albums we’ve been addicted to for the last few months is the debut album by Sarra Tsorakidis, another talented name in the Future Nuggets family.

Sarra has been involved in filmmaking for many years now, as a graduate of film directing at the National University of Theater and Film in Bucharest. The mini-album “Drum închis” is her first proper incursion into the music world.

The EP contains just 5 tracks that take less than fifteen minutes, but each one is an intense and memorable experience that deserves a repeated listen.

“Drum închis” is also a showcase of what modern pop music is. You can describe it by naming emotions (intrigued, enchanted, hypnotized, once relaxed, once slightly unnerved) rather than genre names (electronic? electro? R&B? alternative?).

It certainly does help that Sarra is accompanied on this release by a number of acclaimed and diverse producers, Inana, Plevna and Ion D.

But the thing we love most are Sarra’s vocals – abstract, sensual, eerie – and the fact she didn’t switch Romanian for English, which only multiplies the magic and the thrill.

Stream “Drum închis” EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Sarra on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo.

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