Satoko Shibata (柴田聡子)

Japanese folk singer-songwriter Satoko Shibata will make you sad – and will make you laugh – with her new album “Do You Need a Rest From Love”.

“I must sing with all my energy to deliver true meaning of the song. I decided to open my eyes widely. I imaged as if voices arose from my eyes. I said to myself that I would sing with my eyes. My whole body is eyes. Opening my eyes widely, I sang the song while looking upward,” Satoko Shibata wrote on her Tumblr about the song “Kokai” (後悔), or “Regret”. Yes, she doesn’t want to regret anything anymore.

From northern city of Sapporo, now based in Tokyo, Satoko Shibata (柴田聡子) is folk singer-songwriter, but she also loves alternative rock, hardcore punk and hip-hop. Actually, she is a member of a hip-hop group and hardcore band. With such a musical background, her melodies can be catchy and at the same time go deep. I sometimes happen to sing her melodies unconsciously.

On her 4th full-length album, “Do You Need a Rest From Love” (愛の休日), some songs are produced by ex-Boredoms guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto or by alternative rock band Quruli’s frontman Shigeru Kishida.

“Sometimes they write melancholic songs. But their songs also have something which makes us laugh. All my favorite musicians might be like that,” Satoko said about Seiichi and Shigeru in an interview with BARKS.

I guess that it is also true about her new album. Although the LP’s title – “Do You Need a Rest From Love” – implies lover’s separation, she sings with humor and energy to deliver the true meaning of love.


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