Saúl Hernández

Saúl Hernández is one of the most important musicians in my country. At the age of 50, the “caifan” (member of Caifanes) and “jaguar” (of Jaguares) gave us a wonderful present: his second solo album, “Mortal”.

It comes at the time when Mexico is suffering after 43 students have been almost certainly killed with the help of the state. And it brings hope of positive change, as Mexicans are raising our voices on the streets tired of corruption and violence.

The 21-track album includes acoustic versions of classic songs popularized by two of Saúl’s groups, Caifanes and Jaguares. With the lyrical and musical ability characterizing all his work, we get strong material – including “Fuerte”, which actually means “Strong” in Spanish.

A solid, energectic and lightful track that is accompanied by a no less powerful video directed by Alberto Edgardo Reséndiz Sepúlveda.

On a black background we see the names of similar tragedies which involved the government: Tlatelolco, October 2. “Halconazo”, June 10. Acteal. Aguas Blancas. Juarez Femicides. San Salvador Atenco. Nursery ABC. And of course, Ayotzinapa, home of the 43 students that were killed two months ago. “Fuerte” mixes Saúl’s lyrics with images of those events, and the protests that are moving right now millions of Mexicans.

The video brings a message of strength. While Saúl wanders around the Mexico City’s subway, we also see ordinary people getting stronger and stronger in their everyday circumstances. The video fits perfectly in the context we currently live in, and it is a tremendously thrilling experience.


You can find Saúl Hernández on Twitter or visit his official website.

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