Sauti Sol feat. Alikiba

The first ever collaboration between Kenyan afro-pop strongmen Sauti Sol and Tanzanian star Alikiba is what it was expected to be: a hit par excellence.

Combining words global and local, the supergroup created “Unconditionally Bae”, a joyful hymn to what “we all need” – love, obviously. They convey their message not only through vivid rhythms and euphoric choruses, but also dance in the colourful video directed by South African director Justin Campos in Mombasa’s beautiful coast.

“It was so much fun and seamless working on this project,” Alikiba said about “Unconditionally Bae”. And it’s so much fun listening to it. Tanzania, Kenya, Kigali, Bujumbura, Kampala and Kinsasha – we all need love.

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