Se So Neon

I already covered Se So Neon in October, and things have progressed pretty hot during late 2017.

They released the first EP “Summer Plumage”, and all shows including album release showcase have gone soldout with enthusiastic crowd. Besides two hit singles “A Long Dream” (긴 꿈) and “The Wave” (파도), “Summer Plumage” cleverly presents the classic rock sound with new mind and deep sentiment. “I See The Newly Emerged Lonesomeness” (나는 새롭게 떠오른 외로움을 봐요) is the perfect example for that, a subtle ballad that control one’s emotion with temperate sound and structure.

The rave for Se So Neon represents our eagerness for the new kind of “Rock Star” who departs from past figures. We don’t need stereotypical rock star who gushes unpleasant masculinity or machoism in musical way or in the attitude of one’s life. Se So Neon borrows the good old legacies of rock sound, but subtracts the hackneyed custom and embellish them with new wave of zeitgeist.

People who respond Se So Neon’s music are capturing the very moment of the present rock music.


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