Intimate space pop from Hungarian singer, songwriter and occasional rapper Sélere.

Solére’s music might be easy to consume and comfortable for the first listen. It is rather vocal-centric and melodic with electronic arrangements. But if you listen further, it becomes more and more noticeable how honest and intimate her songs are.

She describes her music as “space pop”, which sounds about right. It is dreamy with vocals that are light with some falsettos and occasional spoken-word-like rap parts. This dreaminess is the perfect tool to sink in her feelings and thoughts. Just as images in a dream, the songs describe her experiences with mental health problems or memories of past relationships.

The motive of loneliness appears in many songs on her new album “Boldogok vagyunk-e”. “Megtalálom” (“I find”), which is one of the most popular tracks of the album, talks about being alone even when you are together with someone else.

The title song “Boldogok vagyunk-e” (“Are we happy”) is not only about solitude but also about finding herself in her loneliness and watching years passing by as an outsider. And the listener is there with Solére, experiencing these scenes from her life, like a dream.

Solére has lived and worked in many countries, and this international aspect undoubtedly had its mark on her music. The sounds resemble British and American art-pop examples. Certain songs remind me of BANKS or sometimes even Lorde with a bit of Flume in the faster songs, such as “Nekedami” (“What is for you”).

Yet using her mother tongue as the main channel for her thoughts and feelings makes her music feel more raw and honest. It also describes the sentiment of living abroad, yet being our most raw selves in the language we grew up with.

This combination of Hungarian vocals and more international sound elevates this project to a universal level – maybe even space level? So let’s start the countdown and join her in the outer space.

Stream “BOLDOGOK VAGYUNK-E” on LP on Spotify.


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