Selin Sümbültepe

In her two new videos, Turkish (not quite) newcomer Selin Sümbültepe presents two sides of her art – shamanic and poetic.

Selin Sümbültepe released a single “Cinaslı Kafiye” in 2017 and said hi to the Turkish music scene. Although we take this hi as an official introduction by Kabak & Lin Records, we should also count her past works beginning from 2014 which are not amateur at all and already gained attention long before her debut album.

After her first official single, without waiting long she released an LP named “Cızgan” last year which is full of 10 beautiful songs and one additional acoustic version. The song that I want to mention in this post, “Gece Çiçeği” comes also from that album. The shamanic-themed video directed by Dağhan İş, lyrics and music belonged to Selin while the song arranged by Kerem Öktem.

The song has a powerful soul that you will feel from the beginning, then with the rising vocal melody, strings are joining and enriching the composition. Rhythm sounds like coming from the earth itself and intensifies that hidden shamanic sense. All these identification efforts are enough, eventually you should decide what it is like for yourself.

While I’ve been working on this post, she also released another video, “Manzaralar” from the same album. When you check this song and also her album, you will understand her songs are not on the same line exactly.

The album has a good diversity of genres but among all this range, I can easily say that her songs are unifying in good melodies, Selin Sümbültepe’s beautiful voice, and clever arrangments.

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