Selton is a Brazilian indie rock band based in Italy. The group started presenting their music on the street and today has already four records released during over ten years of activity.

Their latest album, “Loreto Paradiso”, features songs in Portuguese, Italian and English. This exemplifies the universal sound the band intends to achieve, mixing elements drawn from outside and inside of Brazil.

A curious thing is that Loreto is a neighbourhood in Milan where the band has been living for many years. And the lyrics of the songs on the album include a reflection on the character of this community’s life.

In the single “Junto separado”, they ask why we live so far apart from each other in the time of technology and social media. As if there were no real interactions between people, just online existence. Directed by Francesco Imperato, the clip shows our isolation in a poetic way. But life offline not is not so poetic.

Stream “Loreto Paradiso” LP in its entirety on Soundcloud.


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