Sena Şener

Debut album from Sena Şener is as diverse as you’d expect from the first album – and as breathtaking as you’d expect from this talented singer-songwriter.

If you’ve been following beehype for more than two years, and if you have any interest in the Turkish music scene, you should already know Sena Şener. We mentioned her in 2016 and since then, we’ve always kept an eye (I use both of my eyes) on her. She released many singles and some beautiful videos during these 2-3 years, and now there is her first LP “İnsan Gelir İnsan Geçer” including some of her old singles and some songs that we did not hear before.

First albums are always essential for me (also for the musicians themselves, I guess) because they have many songs from different periods. You can feel those different moods, those different experiences, that evolution. That’s why debut albums generally have a wide variety of songs, but when following records come out – this variety ends, because it includes material from 2-3 year period at most, not the entirety of youth.

This situation can create an inconsistency in some cases, which makes it hard to listen to those albums conceptually. But Sena’s first LP just carries all the beautiful aspects of being a first LP, not the problematic ones.

On “İnsan Gelir İnsan Geçer” (which could be translated as “Humans Come Humans Go”), you can feel all her songs are related in some way, but not similar to each other. They are telling different stories, while at the same time they have common traits – they’re powerful and meaningful. They sound as if they were coming out of a half-century-old singer, but Sena doesn’t even have a quarter. I love that maturity of her songs.

The song “Dostum Değil Uykular” (watch above) was first released as a single in April along with a video, which was directed by İçim Elif Şenol and Tunahan Emre Bilgin from Two:ThirtyFive. And we can expect some more beautiful videos from her first LP. Lastly, I highly recommend you to keep your both eyes on her and follow each step that she makes.

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