A young Turkish woman who has been writing great songs for a while and, at the end, recorded a beautiful EP.

Her name is Eda Sena Şenceylan, but it would be easier to call her Şenceylik which is a shorter version or a kind of nickname. The name of her new EP, “Çok Karışık”, means mixed / complicated / confused / blended at the same time. You can pick one of those meanings that you feel closest to. Artworks for the EP have been designed by Esra Becan.

These 5-song EP excited me because, for a long time, I did not come across such a powerful and well-produced – I mean music here, not entertainment – debut album. You can hear very beautiful arrangements recorded very carefully at the same time, and that’s something we owe the producer Arel Koray Nalbant, whom we know from Turkish rock band Vera. In “Çok Karışık” EP, you will find a song named “Salonda” (“In the hall”) that features Vera. According to Şenceylik, he is not only a producer but he became her coach in that period.

When we come to collaborations, the opening song “Kağıt Kesiği” (which means “Paper Cut”) is also a duet. Ahmet Ali Arslan , a very talented singer-songwriter, joins Şenceylik and shows how good they both are blending some Classical Turkish Music into their songs. He is also playing fretless guitar here, and you can easily understand why I’m talking about the arrangement and recording quality when you listen to this piece.

Don’t stop after this beautiful song, but keep listening to the other 4 tracks of this EP. In each of them, you can feel a different flavour, but in a consistent relation. Hope to hear more new works from Şenceylik without waiting too long.

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