Fascinating noise rollercoaster of a record!

It’s been three years since their great debut “Iza naših zidova” was released, and now Šajzerbiterlemon are coming back with another amazing studio album “Na dugačkim poljima”. It is a fascinating noise rollercoaster of a record!

The album is full of powerful and fierce guitars and a killer rhythm section that fits perfectly and captivates with vigorous energy. However, synth parts have been added to the characteristic raw sound that we have already heard from the Belgrade band, so everything seems more melodic and more attractive.

Don’t be fooled by the duration of the album because you will find plenty of fantastic things you can enjoy in those 24 minutes. Furious, direct and impulsive – those words describe their style. This record is a proof that they don’t even think about stopping. Just surrender to the music and listen to the loudest! (Nemanja Nešković)

Stream “Na dugačkim poljima” LP on Spotify.

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