Shahin Najafi

It’s been more than 10 years since Iranian singer and poet Shahin Najafi had to leave his home for political reasons and flee to Germany. But he remains one of Iran’s most prolific and singular voices.

Last time we wrote about him was after he released the memorable single “Sha’aban”, a profound “description of workers’ poverty,” as Shahin told us. While that song still keeps reverberating in our minds, its message alas remains vital as well.

In his new effort, “Ay Leili” (آی لیلی), Shahin shows us his lyrical side in a delicate yet powerful way. Dedicated to Ahmad Ashourpour, a legendary folk singer from Gilan in the northern Iran, the song was arranged by Faarjam and features powerful trumpet by young Dutch artist Inge Persoon.

Starting inconspicious, the song grows with ever bar adding layers of sounds and emotions. Give it a few repeats, and it will keep echoing in your heart just like Shahin’s works always have.

Photo: Amin Khelghat

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