Shaman y los Pilares de la Creación

Shaman Herrera was born in the South of Argentina and developed a fruitful carreer based in La Plata under different monikers (mainly with Los Hombres en Llamas and solo). You can check his Bandcamp with all the published albums.

Last year, he published the third album with Los Pilares de la Creación, “Sueño real”, via Argentinean label Concepto Cero and produced by Grammy-winner Ernesto “Neto” García – you might already know it from our Best of 2015.

“En la noche” is the first video from this record. The song was defined as a “dark ballad” but talks about freedom, one of the central themes in “Sueño real”. The video was shot in desolate places in the countryside of Argentina by filmmaker Pablo Rabe (for Más Ruido producers).

Stream “Sueño real” LP on Spotify and iTunes.


Photo: Juan Francisco Sanchez

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